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Hey everyone, Lena here! The right brain behind this company. Being the artist that Carlos is he is afraid to toot his own horn. Well, I for one am not! I’m excited to announce that the film Carlos provided the cinematography and camera operation for has been nominated WON!!! a local Emmy in Detroit! This is exciting news!

I know when he came back from his trip about a year ago, he was enamored with the city and the people. There is some really amazing art that you really need to see. Many know the city is in ruins and desolate, but the artist prove that you don’t need those things in order to exist, to create.

If you have a chance, check out the film by clicking on THIS LINK. The images of evocative dancers exploring their art in run down homes, and folk artist renovating whole blocks in breath taking masterpieces still permeate my brain to this day. It is totally worth the time to watch. Congrats to the Knight Foundation for their Emmy Nom WIN! *Keeping our fingers crossed*

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